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Kai LawsonComment

You never know how much music will mean to you until it becomes an old school hit. I've just spent the last hour (or so) listening to http://poly-graph.co/hiphop/. It basically turned the billboard charts into an interactive audio visual polygraph. Currently-- I'm enjoying the 1995-2015 charts. 

It's basically the 20 years of my most memorable moments. From those weekends when dad would drive me and my little brother to Brooklyn on the weekends and sing Biggie and Puffy lyrics all  the way from Power99 to Hot97. As far as he was concerned, he loved it when they called him Big Poppa and for the record, we weren't the "they" he was referring to (side eye AND kanye shrug). OH-- and that time in the 2nd grade ,when Kevin Kelly asked the music teacher if he could play his favorite song for the entire class called Gangsta's Paradise and I was CLEARLY the ONLY one who KNEW that was going to be a bad idea. We were in catholic school...you should have heard me gasp. 

And then the 99-2000s happened. Thats when I learned that there were other cities with people that listened to hip hop outside of New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. They were from places called Atlanta, St. Louis and New Orleans, North Carolina (shout out to Petey Pablo). They told stories about the finer things in life-- like bling bling, spinners, girls with big butts and 20 inch rims! 

Then Lil' Bow Wow happened. OMG Hormones. #Thatisall

And then there were the Missy Elliot hits. LORD JESUS HAVE ALL THE MERCIES! Hot Boys?! Work it?! Gossip Folks?!

And then 50 came on and I was like ew until I realized I was dancing in my seat like it was my birthday. Then he started asking 21 questions, about his magic stick, smh!

Then God said Let there be Ludacris. THANKYA GAWD! ALL HAIL VIRGOS! Mind you, does anyone remember Chingy??? He was my boo! **busts out in a well practiced chicken head dance (shout out to J-Kwon)**

Then all at once Fall '06-Spring '07 at Howard University happened, and Kanye, Jim Jones and T-Pain, were all rocking the shit outta my Homecoming playlist. 

And just when I thought I could take my headphones out and go to lunch-- Weezy F Baby, Drake and Nicki reminded me about that time I seriously considered giving up my life in academia to go live in Miami with my homegirls and chase rappers. It seemed lucrative at the time. Did you see the Lollipop video? All those girls got paid. At that time Wayne was recruiting girls on spring break for boo's and video extras. Both job opportunities came with a salary of sorts and unlimited open bars. Based on my priorities at the time--I. WAS. HERE FOR IT! or naw... I stayed my ass in school. Which was dope because I started working on the Homecoming committee and as far as I was concerned Jay-Z made Run this Town for us. Shout out to Hot97 Summer Jam 09!

Then there was that time all I wanted to listen to was trap music in the trap bar with $1 drinks EVERY DAMN FRIDAY FROM 6pm-9pm. Needless to say many of my Fridays ended around 10pm at that time. Super early, super cheap, Super Turnt! #PURE

Then I graduated in 2010ish and the last song on these charts I cared about was The Motto, because just like Drizzy-- I wanted to be 25 sitting on 25 mil. 

So I started working 12-14 hour days in advertising, desk trapping to Two Chainz, A$AP, Kendrick and J. Cole. 

Which leads me to realize its 2:23 and I have yet to eat lunch. According to this playlist its abour 2013 and I'm hearling a lot of Macklemore and Iggy. I don't need this. God blesses all the Trap N****s but I still need sustenance. 

Thank you http://poly-graph.co/hiphop/