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Kai LawsonComment

#Mylifeofkai Ep: 199748943221- What's more frustrating than not having running water in your kitchen for 3 days?

Knowing that the busted pipe responsible for the water outage is locked away tightly in your neighbor's apartment (because they're in Trinidad for the month) and they decided not to share ANY of their NEW keys with the landlord.

What's more frustrating than that?

Your landlord letting you know they're not coming back for another week....

And what's more frustrating than that???

Figuring out what this means for your food budget, when you planned to eat in more this month because, Take Out has been TAKING OUT all of the money in your wallet lately...

ANNDDDD what's more frustrating than that?

Your landlord suggesting your best option is to get one of your little boyfriends to take you out until he's able to fix the busted pipe...

Sir!!!! where are these men that you speak of that are on call to provide food for young women with plumbing problems that have NOTHING to do with them?

Whyyyy is this your suggestion for me???


I have questions.

I need answers.

And some water please....