#mythoughtsonkanye | It's Ok to Move On

Guys Let’s face it... we gotta just let Kanye go, and let Yeezy be. I mean what are we really mad about? We didn’t really expect anything different...Right? Of course not.

Of course we miss his Louis knapsack, and his pink Polos (pre-Cam’ron’s swagger jack). I know we yearn for the days that he demanded Jesus walks, at the club and maybe we could even go for a encore co-concert with his big brother. But the real shit is, at this point we have ALL crossed the Graduation stage and we need to just move on. Maybe not from his music, yet, but definitely from him. 

You see— Kanye is that homie we all have from back home who we just need to realize we’ve grown apart from, and it’s ok that we accept the distance life has created for us. 

When you know better, you do better, and when you do better you begin to associate with aligning ideals. I know for those of us who’ve been his fan since the beginnings of our adolescence (I personally was 14), this will hurt. A lot has happened since we met the Louis Vuitton Don back in the early 2000’s Socially, culturally, economically and spiritually. We’ve grown up with homie, from prospective college dropouts, to late registrants, to graduates. I know, we’ve rolled with him through all the 808’s and heartbreaks, but honestly, even Jesus can’t save Yeezus, so it’s about time we hop up off this beautifully dark twisted fantasy and disassociate with the life of Pablo, cuz we don’t even know who Pablo is anyway…Seriously, who is Pablo?!

Yea he’s still cool or whatever, and when we go to club club, he’ll still get the party poppin. He’ll even show up in all of our timehops from the last 14 years with the best memories of of the good ol’days. But realistically, WE have matured, and homeboy hasn’t. Like let’s think about it— what has actually changed? His beliefs? Naw bruh. He’s consistent. His goal has always been to BE different & BE radical. For example, in 2005 it was RADICAL to call out oppression & injustice on a live medium (tv), so he did it & in 2018 it is radical to side with oppression and injustice (on Twitter)... so guess what— he does it. 

For almost 2 decades Kanye has explicitly outlined his dreams of climbing the social and economical ladder by aligning himself with relics of power and wealth. Just listen to the catalogue, and all the crazy interviews. If we’re honest with ourselves about all of this, it’s that you can’t miss Old Kanye if he never actually existed. Old Kanye doesn’t exist because he hasn’t changed. He’s just same ‘ol Kanye...which is the entire problem. He’s  outspoken, he’s sensitive, he’s erratic, he’s passionate, he’s honest and he’s dedicated to success and the acquisition of fame and wealth. What has changed is the side of resistance which is profitable for Kanye and that means our money is no longer valuable to Mr. West. So the learning here is that it will be important for those of us who value our culture, to recognize in advance who’s really here to protect it & who’s just here to have fun with it.

So perhaps, the next time someone suggests “when they get on, they’ll leave our asses for white girls” (his words & sentiment not mine) we’ll believe them & not be so shocked when they act accordingly. Because when a person shows us who they are, we should believe them, and based on that sunken hallway tweet and that God awful MAGA cap, we should all face the fact that kanyewest doesn’t care about black people anymore. At least until it pays to do so again.