#myopinion | The Token and the Team

There’s such an important lesson to be learned from the parallel of black women voters of Alabama and the forced resignation of OMAROSA & I hope all industries take notice... it’s a tale of the Token and the Team

Often times as a POC or in this case a Black Woman specifically— are expected as individuals to speak on behalf of & make decisions & analysis of our larger community... its expected that the Token will take care of the greater cause— and per Omarosas situation... that rarely works. However when numerous black women are apart of any process for change... we don’t lose. For generations we’ve known the impact of support systems. We don’t call each other sisters/sistas for nothing... 

As tokens we are set up to fail, in teams we make history.

The moral of the story is: hire more of us, pay us correctly for our contributions... then sit back and watch us make some unbelievably amazing shit happen