Kai Deveraux Lawson

Must See | New York City

Kai Deveraux Lawson
Must See | New York City

City Name: New York City

Country Location: United States of America

Recommended Duration of Stay: 3 days… unless you’re moving here. Then stay as long as you like. The city is expensive and often times for absolutely no reason lol.

Where to Stay: I suggest home sharing it up (Airbnb, Noirbnb, Inclusive, etc…). You’ll likely save money, you’ll likely have more space, and you’ll likely be more comfortable experiencing the NYC neighborhood vibes. In my opinion Manhattan & certain areas of Brooklyn will be most comfortable for your stay as you’ll have easy access to “The City” areas (Touristy Spots). Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll want to ensure you’re close to a subway stop for easy access to transportation.

How to Get Around: New York City is the land of 24 hour public transportation. You can travel almost everywhere based on your personal taste. Most people visiting NYC for the first time, enjoy using the subway. You can access almost every stretch of the city by subway & bus. In NYC you pay a flat fare to to access the subway and bus system, which is currently $2.50. You can also opt-in to NYC taxi cabs in most neighborhood, by either hailing one off the street or downloading one of the NYC taxi apps to access one in your area. Obviously, you can also use Uber and Lyft as they are very reliable in every part of the city & even in neighboring suburbs. Lastly, walking in the spring, summer or early fall is also an option for you. There is so much to see in NYC, and oftentimes the best way to do so is to put on your best walking shoes and take it to the streets. In a matter of 30 minutes, you can find yourself strolling through 2-3 neighborhoods. It’s definitely a way to get a residential feel of the city.

What To Do: If you’re traveling in the Fall/ Winter, take advantage of the Winter wonderland that New York becomes. Go ice skating almost EVERYWHERE! Bryant Park, Chelsea Piers, Rockefeller Center & Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Go see the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center if you can get close. Are you into Christmas decor? Go see the store fronts on 5th ave and on 34th streets. Are you an extreme tourist? Amazing! You’ll probably, be ready for the Thanksgiving Day parade festivities and watching the Ball Drop in Times Square. Now remember… I did say extreme… don’t come crying to me when you couldn’t handle yourself in a crowd of 100,000… I know I can’t!

If you’re traveling in the Spring/Summer-- welcome to the best city every! There’s so much to do it’s ridiculous. Just about everyday, you can always find a good strip to bar hop, Rooftops to relax with a glass of champagne, you can grab an outdoor meal by the water. This is also the best time to shop, since most of NYC shopping is an outdoor experience. There are also tons of free events you can get yourself into, from free concerts in the park, to the Staten Island Ferry Ride, or catching the sun and waves at Rockaway Beach.

Bars & Restaurants:

  • Brooklyn

    • Bedford Stuyvesant

      • Peaches

      • Beso

      • Treehouse

      • Bedvyne Brew

      • Bedvyne Cocktail

      • Lovers Rock

    • DUMBO Waterfront

      • Sugarcane

      • Ceceonni’s

      • One Hotel Rooftop

    • Willimasburg

      • Mccarren Pool

      • Kinfolk & Kinfolk 94

      • The Whiskey Brooklyn

      • Sweet Chick

    • Downtown

      • Sugarcane

      • Pequant

      • Sweet Chick

      • Woodlands

  • Queens

    • Long Island City

      • Jacksons Bar & Restaurant

  • Bronx

    • South Bronx

      • Charlie’s Bar & Restaurant

  • Manhattan

    • Harlem

      • The Corner Social

      • Red Rooster

      • Ginny’s Supper Club

      • Harlem Tavern

      • BLVD Bistro

      • Solomon & Kuff

      • Angel of Harlem

    • Lower East Side

      • The Delancey

      • The Essex

      • Beauty & Essex

      • Claw Daddy’s

      • Pianos


  • Westfield World Trade Center

  • 34th Street Herald Square

  • Shops At Columbus Circle

  • Brookfield Place

  • Fulton Center Mall

  • Kings Plaza Mall

  • Queens Center Mall


  • Coney Island

  • Rockaway Beach

  • Central Park

  • Prospect Park

  • Afropunk

  • Brooklyn Bridge