Kai Lawson

The Double Quince Details

Kai Lawson
The Double Quince Details

So you've decided to join me!

Here's what you need to know:



I have blocks of rooms available at the following location. In order to claim a space review the information below, and fill out the form, below the video. 

Best Western Zen Panama

Wed. Aug. 30 - Mon Sept. 4, 2017

Ref. to confirmation 503248743

$82.50 pn taxes included based on double occupancy

Cancellation can be done before Tues Aug. 29, 2017 

NOTE: There is a Book Now/ Pay Later option on this block of rooms. Feel free to reserve your space now, and book upon your arrival. 

(507) 301-3333




It's an option. Probably the best option if you speak NO Spanish. Keep your wifi poppin :-)


Taxi's are negotiable. Most rides shouldn't cost more than $8. Unless you're traveling 30-45 minutes away. Then its about $15-20 Ask for confirmation before you get in the cab.



US DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL! Bring your Washingtons ;-)



Do yourself a favor, and don't come on this trip if you plan to be on a diet. That's dumb. That's just not what this place is about. Bring your appetite for Fried Red Snapper, Green Plantains, Yellow Plantains, Rice and Beans, Chicken Soup (yea i said it), Lobster, Shredded Beef and Rice and LOTS of ceviche! It will be worth it, and it will be BEYOND affordable. Dining at local spot's should run you between $10-$15 for a BOMB ASS meal and a beverage. 

Here are my favorite suggestions

Restaurante El Trapiche 

Restaurante Diablicos

Mercado De Mariscos




You all know I over plan... but this time I'm planning to NOT over plan... So, for this trip we only have 2 mandatory functions together.


Function 1

Friday September 1st, 2017

For everybody arriving by Friday, let's grab food, let's get drinks, lets see the streets and enjoy the night (or the first part of it at least) at Tantalo Rooftop Bar in Panama, City's, Casco Viejo!


Function 2

Saturday September 2nd, 2017

Beach Party on Isla Toboga

This is literally my most favorite place on the entire EARTH (at least that i've seen so far)! So I've rented out THIS ENTIRE VILLA for ONE night, and we're going to go there, turn up, have a BBQ, and get our tans on! That's all I got. OK! All you need to do is be at the dock the time I tell you, and turn up when we get there... THATS IT!

Click below and watch the video to get all excited!