Kai Lawson

Letsssss Get Ready to TRAVELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

Kai Lawson
Letsssss Get Ready to TRAVELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

We have made it! We’re officially 10 (or less) Days out from #mylifeofkai Double Quince in Panama! Get ready for all the Sun, Sand & Shots your liver can retain!



But before we get there I want to make sure you all have the information you need...





  • You will notice addresses aren't really a thing in Panama. If upon your arrival, if you find you need to communicate to a taxi driver how to get to your hotel tell them the following:
  • I am going to the Best Western Zen on Vía Argentina  near the El Trapiche restaurant 
  •  en español- Vía Argentina ( entrando por el restaurante “El Trapiche”) y Calle Gaspar Hernandez , Corregimiento El Cangrejo, Sector Bellavista, Panama City, Panama
  • Be sure to let me know what day and time you're arriving. I want to make sure I'm available to greet you, with drink in hand of course!


  •  Don't think too hard about this one... Currency is USD
  • US DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL! Bring your Washingtons ;-)


  • For those of us who don’t have T-Mobile or Sprint, you may not have access to your phone service while in Panama. Check with your carrier for the specified terms, of your plan. 
  • Luckily, there is WIFI in most establishments so you will be able to be connected as soon as you land in the airport. 
  • For those of you who don’t have an iPhone with iMessenger, you will need to rely on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to communicate. 







  • Uber will be your friend. It’s the cheapest and most reliable form of public transportation. Unlike flagging down a taxi by hand, you won’t have to haggle the cost of the drive. 
  • In the event you do not have access to wifi, you can also flag a taxi down. Most rides within the city should NOT cost you more than $6. Stick to that number when haggling with the drivers.



  • Do yourself a favor, and don't come on this trip if you plan to be on a diet. That's dumb. That's just not what this place is about. Bring your appetite for Fried Red Snapper, Green Plantains, Yellow Plantains, Rice and Beans, Chicken Soup (yea i said it), Lobster, Shredded Beef and Rice and LOTS of ceviche! It will be worth it, and it will be BEYOND affordable. Dining at local spot's should run you between $10-$15 for a BOMB ASS meal and a beverage!

Here are my favorite suggestions and a few IG Accounts to follow for more info


        Restaurante El Trapiche - Panamá -

        Restaurante Diablicos

        Mercado de mariscos en Panama, gracias a Carolina !!





Weekend Itinerary

Friday Night: 

Rooftop Drinks and Turnup

We’ll all gather around 10pm go do drinks on the Rooftop of Casa Casco in Casco Viejo Panama. We will leave the hotel at 10pm via shared Ubers and take the 10 minute drive to the bar. From their, I encourage you all to get as lit as you soul sees fit. It is after all the beginning of #Mylifeofkai’s Double Quince, and I want to be as lit as the candles on my cake!


Saturday September 2nd, 2017

Beach Party on Isla Toboga

This is literally my most favorite place on the entire EARTH (at least that I've seen so far)! So I've rented out THIS ENTIRE VILLA for ONE night, and we're going to go there, turn up, have a BBQ, and get our tans on! That's all I got. OK! All you need to do is be at the dock the time I tell you, and turn up when we get there... THATS IT!

Important notes: 

We will Depart the hotel at 2pm 

We will take the 3pm Ferry to Toboga Island

There will be room assignments, which I will give to you all once we get there. 

We will spend the night

We will leave the next day early afternoon, so you all have some time to see more of Panama City on your own. 

If you haven’t sent me your $20 for the ferry. Please do so by Saturday 8/26.