Kai Deveraux Lawson

#myrecap #nyc5bdt

Kai Deveraux Lawson
#myrecap #nyc5bdt

5 Borough Drinking Tour Recap

June 17th, 2017

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We Drank...

We Saw...

We Conquered...

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All 5 boroughs of New York City!




Here's the Story:

In the Spring of 2013, Kai and Simeon, and the homie Kaed were on G-Chat talking sh*t when this happened, “it would be dope as f**k if we drank in every borough in one day.”

And just like that, the ‘5-Boro Drinking Tour’ was born. Every year we do it for the culture!

2017 Stats:


1 new logo

4 Year Anniversary

5 Participating Restaurants

14.9  Miles Traveled

60+ RSVP's

and over 1,200 Social Media Likes

Staten Island





Somewhere in Manhattan


Good Times

2017 Apparel

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Checking in


Cheers to next year 

#nyc5bdt 2018

Special Thanks to our 2017 Happy Hour Hosts!