Kai Lawson


Kai Lawson

Is anyone else watching Oj vs. The People and simultaneously side eyeing everything they knew about life in the 90s, Johnny Cochran, Tavis Smiley and the Tom Joyner Morning Show???Because I am -__-

Now, I’ll say this. I am clear that this is a movie. I am clear creative liberties have been takin in efforts to sensationalize the truth for entertainment purposes. 



BUT DAMNNNNN!!!!! SON! SERIOUSLY?!?!? REALLY??!?!?!? Did we not know about the facts??? Did people not care???? 

What about the JURY?!?!? Were folks just trying to be spiteful???? Because bruh— the DNA… The Glove (So what it didn’t fit?? NONE of my winter gear ever fits perfectly, it doesn’t make it any less mine), the shoe print, bloody socks at BOTH houses with his blood on it????



Watching this mini series has be quite emotional for many reasons. On one hand I get it. The LAPD was (isss)…well...



...You know! And yes, one could argue that the timing of the Rodney King beating didn’t make things easy for anybody. 

But I can’t help to think, what if that happened today? What if the roles were reversed? 

What If, your favorite white Athlete’s, black wife and her black “friend” ended up nearly decapitated on their own property and all of the evidence pointed to that athlete? 

Jesus! This show is just so damn well produced! My Blood pressure is up AND I ALREADY KNOW THE ENDING AND THE SEQUAL!