Kai Deveraux Lawson

Inclusion is Purposeful... Just Do it.


In the words of Cardi B, "I'm just a regular-schmegular-degular girl", and I started a hashtag in 2014 to chronicle the moments of my life, that I wanted to remember and share forever.

After a series of soap opera worthy experiences (breakups, layoffs, new jobs and memorable vacations), I realized that every micro-moment of my life, no matter how I felt about it in the immediate moment, was a teachable one. So I took to Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to document these micro-moments. 

Since then, #mylifeofkai has grown from a list of tweets and posts, into a repository of content of my journey through adulthood. Here, I post my honest thoughts, my favorite photos and my experiences with travel. It's my self-care, packaged in a URL & Hashtag.

It is the most honest representation of myself. It is my life...#mylifeofkai.